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Date Posted: 09/02/2015 11:02

Chassis Brakes International is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of automotive foundation brakes and foundation brake components. The Group’s primary products, which include disc brakes, drum brakes, rotors (disc and drum) and automated parking brakes, are sold directly to original equipment manufacturers and through various aftermarket channels. The Group employs 6,000 associates at 23 manufacturing facilities and engineering centers in Europe, China, India, South America and ASEAN.

“MEX data hosting makes it easier to set up and maintain the database without the need for IT departments. We have found the reliability to be great and the speed as good if not better than our own hosted server system.”

How is the MEX Maintenance Software used?

We use MEX to manage all our assets at our manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Adelaide and soon to be deployed in our Thailand site. MEX is crucial to the daily running of our plant and equipment. We use MEX to plan and schedule our maintenance activities as well as capture daily occurrences.

MEX allows our trades and operators to effectively communicate on the shopfloor through the ‘MEX Ops Request module’ which we have customised to enable requests to auto approve. This enables us to capture real time data with ease of use.

We have PM policies set up for each piece of equipment and have our full store catalogue with equipment cross references. Since implementing the system in 2013 we now have 4900 work orders generated through the system made up of Preventative Maintenance, continuous improvements, general requests and reactive maintenance.

The reporting module gives us real time monitoring ability to highlight problems and get to the root cause with real data.

What made you choose to use MEX Data Hosting?

We have one system on our own server for our Melbourne plant and our Adelaide plant on a hosted server.

The advantages of the hosted server are:

  • The system is safely backed up
  • IT department not required for any faults with the system
  • If any help is required MEX can access the system
  • Updates are easily deployed
  • System can be accessed from any computer with internet access
  • iOS is able to be used

The only negative for us is the requirement to open internet access to our shopfloor, but is something we are working towards improving in order to better utilize MEX.

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