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Landcare Research is a Crown research institute focused on environmental science that is owned by and accountable to the New Zealand Government. The organisations core purpose is to drive innovation in the management of biodiversity and land resources to protect, enhance and contribute to the growth of New Zealand’s prosperity. Founded in 1992 as an independently run organisation, Landcare Research now employs over 330 staff at nine locations across New Zealand and collaborates extensively with other research organisations in New Zealand and around the world. Sustainability is embedded throughout the organisation and this is evident in both the research focus and day-to-day operational activities including maintenance.

How is the MEX Maintenance Software used?

The research that is carried out at Landcare Research requires us to emulate different climate conditions from around the world. Our research also dictates that we store soil and plant materials as well as plant and animal DNA for long periods of time. For this reason we run a number of HVAC units to closely and accurately control temperature and humidity within our research facilities.

We use MEX to monitor and manage these HVAC systems as their effective operation is vital to our day to day operations and overall organisational goals. With MEX we carry out periodic Inspections on the units, schedule future maintenance and use Work Orders to capture comprehensive job details on each unit. Having this system also allows us to enter all maintenance costs associated with each unit.

The MEX Asset Register gives us a full list of all Assets (including HVAC) across all our sites. Allowing our maintenance team to easily locate equipment and with the highly useful MEX Readings module, enter all current readings against that particular asset’s records. These readings play a crucial part in the activation of scheduled Preventative Maintenance policies.

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX?

Any unscheduled downtime or unplanned failure on a HVAC unit or another critical asset can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost samples and invaluable science time. Therefore, catching these issues before they escalate is imperative to our operations. MEX gives us the ability to identify any flaws in the smooth operation of our equipment and also within our maintenance practices.

With MEX in place, we have seen a reduction in equipment failure and unplanned maintenance. This has resulted in savings in maintenance expenditure as well as giving our maintenance team a new found confidence in logically planning Preventative Maintenance activities.

This has helped us become more proactive in our equipment’s issue resolution. Ensuring that we are able to effectively prevent small problems escalating into larger issues going into the future.

MEX has become an essential part of our operation and has allowed us to keep our equipment running effectively and our research ongoing.

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