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MEX has allowed a family owned steel protective coatings provider to effectively plan, schedule, record and report on all maintenance activities.

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Meneghello is a family owned business and has been in operation since 1971. Over the years, Meneghello have proven to be WA’s premier provider of steel protective coatings. Our services include hot-dip galvanizing, abrasive blasting, industrial paint coatings, rubber lining, custom bolt manufacturing and steel fabrication support services.

Why did you choose to purchase MEX as your CMMS?

An important part of any CMMS is not only to be able to structure your assets, record all maintenance activities and to set scheduled PM’s and inspections, but to also have the ability or options to modify the system to suit your business. This is something MEX have excelled at.

Another critical aspect of a CMMS is that it should not be difficult to setup and/or to maintain.

Once again, the MEX CMMS excels, not only by its ease of setup, but also by the way it simplifies the entire data processing procedure, which saves time, resources and at the end of the day, money. So, to answer the question “Why did we choose MEX as our CMMS?”, it’s simple; MEX is one of the best CMMS systems on the market, it is extremely cost effective and the customer service is second to none.

How did you find the sales process?

The sales process was fast, efficient, professional, and friendly. What more can I say! We absolutely have no complaints or issues, the entire process was extremely easy, and the sales staff were awesome. All questions and queries were answered expediently, and once purchased, the system was available for immediate download.

What are your maintenance goals & how is MEX used to achieve them?

Our main goals are one, to ensure that all facets of any maintenance activity are recorded, and that the information is readily available. Two, that all equipment is maintained as per the relevant manufacturer’s specifications.

Thirdly, to implement a system whereby other departments cannot only raise work requests but also track the progress of them and lastly, to have the ability to print off various reports, defining all maintenance activities.

MEX is a state-of-the art CMMS, hence the MEX system by design will allow us to achieve our goals. The system allows you to plan, schedule, record and report all maintenance activities, so providing we set it up correctly, we will easily be able to achieve not only our current goals, but more.

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX?

Our MEX CMMS has only been implemented for a short period of time but a return on investment is inevitable.

It is a well-known fact, that if you maintain equipment regularly you will not only increase the availability but you will also increase the service life and MEX can help you achieve this.

So far, MEX has provided a range of different benefits including:

  1. A visible tree of departmental and equipment organization.
  2. The knowledge that schedules servicing and repairs will not be forgotten or overlooked.
  3. The ability to plan and schedule future servicing and repairs.
  4. The ability to record hours, km’s, or frequency.
  5. The ability to use servicing hierarchy.
  6. The ability to report on all facets of maintenance activities.
  7. The list goes on!

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