Ports Authority

Date Posted: 10/11/2015 08:11

Port Hedland Authority amalgamated with Dampier Port Authority to form Pilbara Ports Authority on July 1 2014 as a consequence of the Ports Legislation Amendment Act 2014. This act consolidated seven of Western Australia’s eight port authorities into four new regional port authorities. PPA is governed under the Port Authorities Act 1999 and operates as a corporatised entity whose management board reports to the State Government of Western Australia. PPA’s goals are to facilitate trade within and through the port, plan for future growth and development of the port and facilitate the development of trade and commerce.

“Hosting lightened the IT’s departments workload, so all they have to do is keep the internet going, and MEX manages the rest.”

How is the MEX maintenance software used?

We use the MEX Asset Register as a means to categorise and track different types of equipment we operate. MEX allows us to group all our mobile equipment like bobcats, trucks and light vehicles pressure cleaners into the one category. This makes it easy to move these assets to new sites we are working on. MEX is also used to assist in the management of our properties. Each property is individually subcategorised in MEX with separate data relating to property running costs and a list of assets contained within that property.

MEX helps us maintain our assets with over 1600 Preventative Maintenance policies to help perform both our shutdown, long term projects and daily maintenance process. Equipment is monitored daily so we can submit work order and maintenance requests as needed.

Why did you decide to host your data with MEX?

We decided to host our data with MEX to remove the large number of IT issues we were experiencing through our own hosting services. We had problems with our server set up and users being added incorrectly into MEX. Our IT department oversees approximately 36 different systems so hosting our data with MEX was a great option to make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

MEX also offered a greater level of service support due to the company’s extensive knowledge of their product. Issue resolution was another appealing factor in the purchase of MEX Data Hosting. It’s comforting to know that if we are experiencing any issues the MEX Support team have the ability to log in to our system and see firsthand what the problem is and help us sort it out.

How long have you been hosting your data with MEX for?

We have been hosting our data with MEX for approximately one-and-a-half years. We have been extremely satisfied with the MEX Data hosting service, and have found it to be a very reliable solution to our IT Issues.

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