PT Parts Sentra Indomandiri Case Study

See how MEX has helped to improve the Maintenance and Inventory Management for a mineral exploration drilling company in Indonesia.

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PT. Parts Sentra Indomandiri (PSI Drilling) is a mineral exploration drilling company that was established in the seaside city of Balikpapan back in July 2004. PSI Drilling spent the following 11 years building a solid reputation in the drilling industry that resulted in their expansion into the Malaysian market.

PSI Drilling’s success is entrenched in their ability to excel above competition by providing customers with reliable equipment, refined processes and unparalleled customer service. PSI’s team of 300 dedicated employees consist of a quality support structure driven to provide consistency and continuity by maintaining drilling operations 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year.

How has MEX been implemented?

We have been using MEX since September 2011 and currently use MEX across our four sites across Indonesia. These include North Sulwesi, Balikpapan Support Office, Menang PSI Sdn. Bhd and Central Kalimantan. 

How do you use MEX?

From 1 drill rig to a fleet of 27 Drill Rigs, 18 Rod Carriers, 8 Compressor/Boosters, 10 four-wheel drive tractors, 3 tele handlers, 30 light vehicles, buses and trucks, workshop facility in Balikpapan, site workshops and messing buildings at various mine sites. Our Asset register is set up expansively to allow our maintenance staff to easily locate individual assets and push out work orders accordingly.

The MEX Stores Module is the main feature of MEX that we use, as we find the accounting and purchasing functionalities extremely useful. Having the ability to comprehensively manage parts availability and to be able to easily allocate the costs of parts to work orders and equipment entries making reporting on our financials so much easier.

Have you experienced any issues using an Australian CMMS?

In terms of the MEX System we haven’t experienced any issues what so ever, however working with an international supplier like MEX does come with it a problematic currency exchange issue when it comes to paying invoices. We knew this would be an issue when purchasing MEX and over the last four years have seen the benefits of MEX and MEX Support have strongly outweighed the issue.

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX?

MEX has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of our maintenance operation since being implemented back in 2011. It has also made accessing our maintenance history so much easier and less tedious. This has allowed our staff to have informed conversations on all thing’s maintenance, keeping all our personnel on the same page when it comes to deadlines, costs and KPI’s.

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