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Date Posted: 16/11/2015 12:11

Warrnambool Cheese and Butter (WCB) is the oldest dairy producer in Australia with establishment dating back to 1888. WCB now employs over 650 employees across sites in Allansford, Mount Gambier and Port Melbourne making it one of the largest employers in south-west Victoria. WCB produces a wide range of high quality dairy products for domestic and international markets. WCB’s Products and brands include Sungold Milk, Coon Cheese, Cracker Barrel Cheese, Great Ocean Road Products, Warrnambool Cheddars, Skim Milk Powder, and many more.

“MEX Hosting allowed for the seamless transition and instant use of our MEX data from the old MEX regionalised database.”

How is the MEX Maintenance Software used?

WCB is a long time user of the MEX Maintenance Software, having first implemented the system in 2002. MEX is used to process all planned and unplanned maintenance work carried out on all plant assets across our sites. From buildings and grounds, right down to individual pumps, motors and valves. At present we currently maintain some 12000+ assets via our MEX CMMS system.

We currently utilise the following MEX features: Work Orders, Invoicing, Preventative Maintenance, Requests (with MEX Ops), Keys and Stores (including purchasing via MEX). These features are used collectively to capture all maintenance information from start to finish, encompassing all costs were have incurred in the process.

The garage at our Allansford site also uses FleetMEX to manage all maintenance work on WCB’s extensive fleet of vehicles.

Why did you decide to host your data with MEX?

WCB recently purchased a packaging plant in Allansford. The previous owners were utilising MEX as their plant CMMS, so it was decided that the easiest option for data handover was extraction to a standalone MEX implementation with the database hosted by MEX. This helped ensure a seamless handover for all involved.

How Long Have you been hosting your data with MEX?

We started hosting data with MEX in April 2015. In this time we have found the service to have consistent uptime and a good level of data access for in-house querying and reporting.

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