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How Can MEX Help You?


MEX can help you by taking the stress out of maintenance management.

The all in one digital platform gives you a simple and effective tool to monitor anything and everything that’s maintenance related.

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Increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of on the go maintenance with almost all the functionality of MEX available in the palm of your hand with MEX Mobile. Now available on Android, Windows and iOS.

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Well-maintained equipment equates to fewer breakdowns and also lower repair and replacement costs – A direct and measurable saving.
From current jobs, to requests, to historical data: Record all work carried out on equipment and in every detail.
Comprehensive inventory management allows for stock levels to be monitored and replaced on time, eliminating wait times on critical spares.
With the vast amount of equipment information stored against each asset, reports for auditing and analytic purposes are readily available.
With scheduled maintenance and inspections, equipment works more efficiently with reduced breakdowns.
By tracking the movement of fixed and mobile assets a business can optimise the utilisation of their assets and ensure they are safeguarded from any threats.

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