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2 Years Strong MEX Data Hosting

2 Years Strong MEX Data Hosting

MEX Data Hosting has been on the Azure Platform for over two years now and has maintained an above industry standard uptime of 99%. Working off Azure’s high security standards, robust server infrastructure and secure networks, we have tweaked the Hosted Service to operate at a high standard, which ensures that our 450 plus customers on hosting can access MEX when and where they want to.

We now boast over 50 servers, some of which are shared with about 50 customers per box and also standalone customer servers located in Australia, US and Europe. With 1 in 5 MEX customers using hosting, over the last year we have made a number of high-level security updates to further enhance the service.

These enhancements include blocking RDP connections to all servers, stringent SQL Port access rules and accessibility, the application of the Azure Security center module and ongoing vulnerability and penetration testing through reputable third parties.

MEX hosting is only getting better and with a continued emphasis on security going forward, we will ensure that MEX is available around the clock for our customers. Should anything go wrong, you can rest assured that we have in place an infallible Disaster Recovery Plan to safeguard your MEX Data.

For customers that would like to trial hosting, we offer a full trial, allowing you to have a feel of the service to see if it’s the right fit for you. Contact our Sales Department at or click the link below for more information

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