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Are You on the Cloud

Are You on the Cloud

Storing your operational data, security and having efficient access to it, are the biggest challenges a business faces on a day to day basis. A drop in connection, a data corruption or a disaster, can in their own way amount to big losses for a company that is ill prepared. For this very reason, vast amounts of money are getting allocated towards finding the best solutions for hosting data.

What hosting options do you have?

Well you can invest thousands of dollars into onsite server infrastructure and manage it all in-house. This has its pros and cons, but none bigger than the fact that your company takes on the sole responsibility of ensuring that your systems are fully operational, issue free and backed up. Do you have the capacity to handle that in-house?

Or you can look to the clouds and host your system online. There are a number of providers for this platform including the likes of Amazon and Google, along with some other players. The Cloud is gaining momentum and one of the biggest concerns is data security and for potential clients ensuring that your data is hosted on a provider that stores it locally is the safest bet.

For Australian companies looking for a hosting solution, your choices have just got better. With Microsoft throwing their hat into the cloud ring.

For years Microsoft has offered their cloud hosting alternative in the form of the Azure Cloud Hosting Platform. Unfortunately their service was hosted overseas and this proved to be the stumbling block for Australian users, as they really didn’t feel comfortable parking their systems and critical data offshore.

All this is about to change!

Microsoft have recently announced the long awaited arrival of the Azure Cloud computing platform in Australia. Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise VP announced that from the 27th of October onward Australian users can now take full advantage of the platform, with the added knowledge that their data will be held in either one of Microsoft’s Victorian or NSW data centers.

What you choose to do with your system and it’s data is totally up to you, but it’s always good to know what your options are.

Here at MEX we take the Maintenance Management requirements of our customers very seriously. This includes how we help them store their maintenance data. Therefore, to cater for Data Hosting needs we ensure that our customers have a clear alternative when it comes to hosting their data, whether it be on their own servers or on the MEX Data Hosting platform.

Our aim is to make sure our client’s use of the MEX Maintenance Software is as accurate, convenient and efficient as possible. This means that when you need to access your assets details, print reports or fill in a work order, there are absolutely no obstacles getting in the way of you completing your tasks and recording your work in your maintenance system.

To further enhance this commitment we have turned to the Cloud. Following the rise of hosting platforms that boast more storage space and computing power than ever before. We are focused on providing an easily accessible, secure and reliable connection for ours users to their MEX System and the Cloud allows us to do this.

Over the last few months, the shift towards hosted systems has gained momentum. With a number of MEX Customers jumping on the cloud.

Why are these customers making the shift you ask?

In addition to the Cloud Hosting benefits highlighted above, the MEX Data hosting service makes setting up and utilizing the MEX system a breeze. The benefits include:

  • Set up and GO - We can get you up and running in no time. Just give us the go ahead and we will have a link to your system setup and ready for use.
  • A reduction in operational costs - Do more with less. With MEX Data Hosting, infrastructure costs are significantly reduced. We host your system on our servers, we send you the link and you just connect and carry on with your work.
  • Guaranteed Security and Back Ups - We ensure that only the right people get access to your data and that it is constantly backed up. Allowing MEX to simply restore your data in times of disaster, making it readily accessible in the drop of a hat.
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime - With MEX Hosted data you get full access to your maintenance system Anywhere, Anytime! Whether it’s on your computer at work or on the iPhone/iPad on the run.
  • Upgrades on Demand - When we release a new update, your hosted system gets updated instantly.

The increase in availability and performance of cloud platforms will only tend to increase, so ask yourself whether or not it’s time to get onto the cloud bandwagon.


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