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Bug Fixes Update

Bug Fixes Update

A number of bug fixes have been applied to the MEX V 14 client.

Here is a list of these fixes:

1.      Processing readings in bulk will no longer cause an error. 

2.      Broken meter readings will no longer allow ‘old meter readings’ to be less than the last entered reading. 

3.      When forwarding approvals, the ‘I am not available so forward my … to’ checkbox will remain checked after selecting a user. 

  • The forward my.. drop down will become disabled like v12 when the checkbox is not checked.
  • The forward my.. checkbox will become unchecked like v12 if there is no contact selected in the drop down.

4.      When deleting a group inspection, the child inspections will no longer remain in the activator.

5.      An error will no longer occur when entering various ‘document’ tabs. 

6.      Adding documents to a purchase order before it is saved will no longer drop the documents

7.      Child inspections will now be automatically assigned a site when the first asset is added to them as per v12.

If you have any questions please contact Mex Support on or call us on +617 3392 4777