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Bug Fixes for v14 Build 4 Update

Bug Fixes for v14 Build 4 Update

A number of bug fixes have been applied to the MEX V 14 build 4 released on the 30th of April 2013.

Here is a list of these fixes:

  • When setting the Due Start Time on a PM using the scroll arrows on the right hand side of the field rather than directly entering a time, the Due Date on Work Orders generated by the PM goes to the far future. This is because the MinuteDifference field in the PM Table is populated incorrectly by the scroll arrows.
  • When trying to deactivate a contact that is unassigned in MEX 14, a connection error displays saying Resource not found for segment 'HasActiveRelateRecordsForDeactivatedUnassigned'.
  • MEX build 2 doe's not give you the date completed once you have all receipted a PO.
  • Text filters on listings do not save when exiting the listing. If you assign a text filter or two, then close out of the listing and go back into it they have not been saved.
  • MEX v 14 Bug - Average Using Last field doesnt save the entered value.
  • With the "Show active Work Orders when creating Work order for Request" user option enabled, when you create a Work Order from a Request and you view the list of current Work orders the “New” button is missing from the W/O list.
  • In MEX there is no longer a Right-Click, copy and paste method in V14. Is this possible in Silverlight, or do customers need to use ctrl-c, ctrl-v
  • MEX v 14 - Moving columns around in the Easytime Lines doesn't save when you exit.
  • Security Setting "When configuring the Work Order Details form with the Details tab, disabled "Turn into PM" and "New Asset" buttons do not disable consistently to what has been configured".
  • Create WO button in EasyTime Module drops off the work order number.
  • The Action field has a Standard Job selected in the Answer Set of an Inspection Question Set, but the number will disappear.
  • Can't disable the double-click function so that I can deny access to the Details of a PM Policy that is in the PM Listing.
  • BUG in MEX v 14.02.1 & MEX v - When you cancel purchase order line and nothing else is left to receive, then it should update the Purchase Order Status to All Received instead of Released.
  • MEX v 14 Bug - Adding Catalogue Item on the Fly in Purchase Order Items tab causes an error
  • MEX v 14 Bug - Adding a Non-Catalogued Item or Adding an Item on the Fly to the Purchase Order Item's tab doesnt add the Tax ID by default from the Global Tax Rate like it doe's in MEX v 12.
  • MEX - Tabbing in the Asset Readings - All forms now takes about 7 tabs between entering readings. This adds up to a substantial amount of time when using MEX. Can the tabbing order be made to work better?
  • MEX - When you close off a WorkOrder in the Asset register -> WorkOrders tab. it does not seem to run through the same logic as closing it off from the WO list. The Confirm WO Last Done date and Reading form does not show, and the Work Order History form does not show
  • Usage based policy doesn't update the readings module when a reading is entered in the work order when closed to history
  • When trying to print a schedule off the work order scheduler, an error message displays saying 'Report failed to load at PO.General.CreateReport' etc
  • Ctrl-Enter to add a new Task
  • Drawings Module, doesn't update the Docs tab of a Work Order.
  • The drawings module doesnt update the docs tab for work orders that are generated from a PM policy.
  • Work Order - Work Order Details - Policy No. field: [Arg_NullReferenceException] error is thrown after clicking on the blank Policy No. field
  • When creating a purchase order from the Replenish Stock listing, the Catalogue Part Name (ie Purchase Order Line Description) does not go through to the Purchase Order line.
  • - If you go into a listing and group by a column it does not save this grouping layout when you close/reopen the listing. Also you can Apply an Advanced filter like in MEX 12, that gets saved, for next time you open the listing (like MEX v12 where you had the advanced filter checkbox at bottom of Listing)
  • Asset Register - Warranty: Supplier details should be shown in Warranty message box

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