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Bug Fixes for v14.0.3.0

Bug Fixes for v14.0.3.0

A number of bug fixes have been applied to the MEX V build 1 released on the 26th of August 2013

Here is a list of these fixes:

Asset Register

  • When an Asset’s Asset Type is updated, the User Defined Fields will now be displayed correctly without a refresh of the Asset’s details being required.
  • When an Asset is moved in the Asset Register its children are now displayed correctly without a refresh being required.
  • Model Numbers can now be added to the drop-down “On the Fly” without error.
  • Using the Duplicate Tree function in the Asset Register no longer causes the Catalogue Transactions listing to error.

Contractor Portal

  • When the details of a Purchase Order are accessed from the Contractor Portal, the Purchase Order Number is no longer editable.


  • Printing a KPI on the Dashboard now displays all of the KPI on the printed page.


  • When a Drawing has its “Add to Work Orders” option selected for an Asset, when a Work Order for that Asset is raised from a Standard Job the Drawing will now be automatically added to the Work Order.

Easy Time

  • When a contact has only one Trade Code, then that Trade Code will be selected by default when a Time Card line is entered for that contact.


  • When a total is displayed at the bottom of a listing column and the listing is then filtered, the total is now calculated only from the records displayed in the filtered view.
  • The User Guide is now accessible when running MEX in “Out of Browser” mode.
  • When a Summary Function is added to a column in a listing, the calculation will display the number of decimal places specified in your operating system’s Regional Settings.

MEX Today

  • Work Order Numbers that are over five digits long are no longer truncated in the MEX Today work feed display.
  • The “View Work Order” favourite in MEX Today will now display the Work Order for a manually entered Work Order Number without clicking on the “View Work Order” button twice.

Preventative Maintenance

  • When a Preventative Maintenance is duplicated the attached documents are now being copied across to the duplicate.
  • The Activator will now correctly generate Work Orders for records that are not displayed in the Activator Listing due to the “Listing Show Count” user option.


  • When a Purchase Order has all of its items received, returned, received again and invoice matched, the Purchase Order’s Invoice Match Status is now correctly updated to “All Invoice Matched”.
  • The Purchase Order Number is now hyperlinked in the Goods Receipt Listing.
  • The line count in the Replenish Stock Listing now calculates correctly.
  • Summary functions can now be added to the columns in the Purchase Order and Invoice Match Listings.


  • When a reading is entered onto the “Confirm Dates” screen while closing off a Work Order that was generated by a non-fixed Preventative Maintenance, the reading will now be automatically added to the Readings module.
  • The Broken Meter function now sets the Accumulated Reading for the Asset to the entered “Old Meter” value correctly.


  • When a user adds a Trade Code “On the Fly” the Trade Code is now automatically added to the user’s Region.
  • In a database with a very large number of Regions (over one hundred), when a regionalised user opens up a Supplier drop-down, all of the Region’s Suppliers will be available for selection.
  • Purchase Order Printing now consistently works for all regionalised databases.


  • The Work Order Completed report now includes Poste Entry Work Orders.
  • The Stocktake Report is now sorting correctly.


  • When a Work Order is generated from a Request, the Asset’s Safety Notes are now copied across to the Work Order.
  • In the Request Listing, multiple Requests can now be selected for printing.


  • In the Security Setup area after you have selected a form that has “No Access” as the form security, the next form that you select will be displayed with its own form security rather than as “No Access” again.
  • The Asset field in the Request Details screen can now be made mandatory.
  • When a screen is opened, Security is now applied before the screen is displayed so that a user cannot briefly view concealed information.


  • In a Regionalised system, clicking on the “Show All Stores Items” button now shows all of the Catalogued items irrespective of the Region that they belong to.
  • When a catalogued item is transferred to another store, the “Stock on Hand” quantity for the item is now displayed correctly without the Catalogue Listing needing to be refreshed.
  • When issuing a catalogue item using the Issue/Return screen, a valid Work Order Number can now be typed directly into the “Work Order” field instead of using the Work Order Selector.

Work Orders

  • The Account Code filed is now updated when a Work Order’s Asset is changed.
  • A Work Order can now be closed without error after the Preventative Maintenance that created it has been deleted.
  • The Work Order Spare’s Description field will now save descriptions up to 255 characters long.
  • Work Orders with custom statuses can now be scheduled in the Work Order Schedule Builder.
  • In the Work Order Listing, the Asset’s parents can now be added to the Work Order Listing using the “Add Columns” feature and navigating to “Work Order -> vwAssetTreeParent”.

Work Order Schedule Builder

  • When a Work Order that has been assigned to a Schedule Period and then cancelled, the Schedule Period will now display without error.

Please refer to the release notes in the user portal for a full list of Bug Fixes.

If you have any questions please contact Mex Support on or call us on +61 7 3392 4777

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