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Getting Mex up and running in 60 minutes

Getting Mex up and running in 60 minutes

Management systems, including Maintenance Management Systems, are renowned for taking a long time to set up and get running.

They require all sorts of information and configuration to be done before you can commence starting to use them.  And it is hard, like trying to put together Lego without the instructions, and just being given a photo of it.

This was always uppermost in our minds at Mex when we first made Mex 20 years ago, and we strived to make it that you can get MEX up and running in the shortest possible timeframe.  We wanted to make software that was like slipping on your favourite slippers, where you feel comfortable and at ease. 

As an example, we have set customers up and have them running with a PM schedule in less than 4 hours.  Most systems you will still be taking it out of the box and reading the contract agreement, whereas MEX is creating work orders for you.

How?  Well, our basic premise is if we cannot conquer it in ten minutes then the design is wrong and we need to re-design it.

And that is what we do.  Take the main menu for example.  It is simple and straight forward.  It can be explained to anyone in 5 minutes.  Giving you that favourite slipper feel.   

Of course, there is an awesome amount of power and complexity in the system, but it is hidden.   Again, the Lego toys spring to mind.  Yes, it is just a simple little block, but together you and it can create a castle, or Darth Vader’s death star.  Well, Mex is just like that.  Dig into it and you will find the death star.  Well, not actually the death star, which would be cool if it was there, I am just talking figuratively. 

Take for example security of MEX.  It is hidden away, but when you find it it is like getting on board the death star.  There are things that can shoot down users when they try to do something they are not allowed to. And it is all so simple and easy to use.  The only thing missing are storm troopers.  But as you start to work with security you will start to feel as if you are encased in a storm trooper armour, with the ability of doing anything. 

So, back to where I started this article, Getting Mex running in 60 minutes.  Ids it a fallacy, or will your death star explode because of Luke’s use of the force. 

Not, it is true you can be running in no time and the following example shows how you,  the conqueror of all can in minutes, but I will give you 60, have Mex working.

  1. Loading the software is simple.  It is a straight forward installation, click a few next buttons and you are there.
  2. Start MEX up.    The Main Menu will be displayed.  There are no confusing questions and you will be ready to start creating.
  3. Click on the work order button.   This will display the work order listing.  In your case, this listing will be empty.   A bit unnerving, but that is because you have put nothing into it yet.
  4. Press the New button on the bottom left hand corner.  A new work order form will be displayed.

And, as you are in maintenance, I will assume that you do know of a few jobs that need to be done.

  1. Press the “new Asset” button.  As you are about to enter a work order for it to be serviced.   This form will allow you to enter the details of the equipment you are about to work on.  And this will be added to the asset register.
  2. Type in”pump01” into the asset number field.
  3. Type in “dewatering pump” in the Asset description field. 
  4. Then close the form by pressing the ”X”.  You will be returned to the work order.
  5. Type “pump needs servicing” into the job description field.
  6. Press the print button. 
  7. Press the Print button and the work order will be displayed in print preview mode.

And that is it.  In minutes you have added a work order, an asset and also printed out the work order for someone to do it.

Now, many will also say, you can’t just do this.  Because you need a structure and organisation within the system before you start just adding things willy nilly. Otherwise your management system will look like rubbish.

Well, you actually can.  Because in MEX Maintenance Software, if you make a mistake and for example want to renumber your assets, you can. 

See, we did try to think about the user.  And not only make it easy to start using Mex, but also easy to maintain for years into the future.

Stephen Ninnes
Managing Director
Maintenance Experts