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July eNews Directors Note 2015

July eNews Directors Note 2015

Never stop, never give in.  Good maintenance is just a continuous role of looking after our equipment. Maintenance staff are the guys behind the scenes who keep things running by doing the things the rest of the operation don’t see.

But don’t let that stop you from always looking to improve your operation. Ask yourself, how can I improve my maintenance efforts and get better at how we do it? Why shouldn’t people see the hard work you put in and why shouldn’t your staff know the amount of effort it takes to keep things running? Well the simple answer is that they should already know. You just need to make them see it.

To create transparency associated with your operation, you need to follow these three steps: 

  • Always have an effective maintenance plan and be sure to promote it. 
  • Carry out this maintenance plan
  • Always be on the lookout for ways to get better at what you are doing.

That is about it!

If you are an engineer of some sort, mechanical plumber, electrical, or carpenter, it really doesn’t matter the point is you know your trade, you know how things work and you know how to get them to work.  So why not share the gift of knowledge to others as to how to make it work?

We can all have these thoughts about how to make a place, company, and corporation work better, but they won’t listen as in most cases politics is too huge within the organisation. That’s why you need to market the way you do your maintenance in a way that you are recognised for your effort, and that spotlight can do wonders for your maintenance operation.

As I say, maintenance people need to be a bit political as well, but of course in the right manner. 

Sell your service.  Put together a yearly plan up (You can do this with MEX) and stick it on the wall, make sure people know about it and you say this is the Preventative Maintenance we are going to do. 

And then do your best to carry this plan out. There is no doubt that this approach will make a difference.

Simple as that. Call or chat me if you want to know more. 

Steve Ninnes
MEX General Manager

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