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June eNews Directors Note

June eNews Directors Note

What matters in Life

I am a simple guy, and hate it when I have to think too hard about things.  I would like everything I do to be just a few sweet and easy things.  Of course, it never works out like this but it is how I would want it to be.

With software, it is just the same, simple and easy.  So when we make something here at MEX, it really has to fit into this to be right.

Last year I set out to do this with scheduling.  I have been in and spoken to enough people from the world of maintenance to realise how hard scheduling is.  You can spend so much time making up a list of what to do and then minutes later I end up tearing it up.

So, I sat down with crayons, a cup of tea and some paper and thought long and hard about scheduling.  After many crumpled pages I ended up with something that I thought might just actually work. 

My aim was that firstly, it had to be really quick to create a schedule.  Because we are using a computer and I wanted it to think for me, after all that is why they were created.  Secondly, easy to edit and change around.  And finally, be able to see how well I performed. 

The end product was called the Bulk scheduler, and it does what I hoped it would.  Easily, quickly, efficiently your schedule is done.

In short…

Yes, you have to set it up, but the wizard directs you.

Press one button and the schedule is created, for this week, tomorrow any time frame you want.

Easily change it around

And see quite clearly from the bars as to what progress you made.

So, if you haven’t look at this yet, open it and find out how quickly you can create and manage your schedule.

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