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MEX Version Build 15 Released

MEX Version Build 15 Released

A number of bug fixes and enhancements have been applied to the MEX V build 15 major release released on the 3rd of December 2014.

The main enhancement in this release is the introduction of Custom Fields. Allowing users to customise MEX by adding fields to listings and forms they see fit. From Check boxes to Date fields, drop downs, image holders and documents, to name a few.

The main Bug Fixes for this release include:


  • Utilities can now be opened from the Launch page when the current URL doesn’t end in a slash.
  • Applying and clearing filters in listings will no longer cause unexpected results.
  • Add Listing Columns will now refresh their data when the details have been changed.


  • Activator will now show the current Work Order if the Work Order Status is a non-system status.
  • The Work Order Print Option form will now appear when printing an Inspection Work Order that has been generated in the activator.


  • Duplicating an Asset with an Asset Type will now add it to any corresponding Asset Type PM’s.
  • Renaming Assets is now case-sensitive

Control Files

  • Adding a user to a region whilst in local install mode will now work as expected.
  • The “I’m not available so forward my requests to” function will now work as expected.


  • Reports with invalid Data Sources will no longer cause performance issues on the Server.

Work Orders

  • Using Read-only access on the Work Order Schedule will now work as expected.
  • Inspection answer message can no longer be suppressed.
  • Department will now be automatically populated in Contractor Work Orders.
  • Duplicating a Work Order will now copy across the Risk Ratings.
  • Spares items can now be issued correctly when security has been applied to the Spares Tab.

Please refer to the Client Release Notes in the MEX User Portal for a full list of Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

If you have any questions please contact MEX Support on or call us on +61 7 3392 4777

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