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Many little things add up to a big thing

Many little things add up to a big thing

We at MEX are having an interesting year in making changes in MEX and FleetMEX, making it better for all our users.
None of these things are enormous.  They are little things that our users want changed or made better.  And we have been slowly implementing them to make our products do what customers want MEX to do.   And we are starting to notice that all of these little things make up a bigger thing that can work so much better.
Some of the changes, with some having already been done and released, include:

  • Quick edit.  This allows for the fast editing of work orders if there are a lot.  This has already been added and is available in
  • Fast print.   Where a very fast method of printing a work order, purchase order or invoice can occur.
  • Test and tag.  At the user conference this year we discussed and even designed something around this and hope to have it in MEX.
  • On line ticketing.  A ticketing system for all customers to track there bugs, issues and requests.   Again, partially designed at the user conference.
  • New reports.  Have added a few in this year already but have more coming.
  • Photos and videos.  Greater use in the requesting and work orders.
  • On line catalogues.  Creating a way for any user to link on line catalogues into the MEX catalogue.
  • Security.  A new lot of standardised security groups.  In process now and should be released soon.

All of these little things add up to simplicity and efficiency in using our products.
And if you have any ideas on further things to do, then contact me and lets discuss little things that add up to big things.

Stephen Ninnes
Managing Director
Maintenance Experts