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New MEX Customers November 2023

New MEX Customers November 2023

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest customers who have joined the growing MEX family! In November 2023, these valued individuals and organizations made the decision to invest in the MEX Maintenance Software, and we are thrilled to have them as integral members of our esteemed MEX Community.


Juddrill source products, create processes and deliver training based on the issues and the challenges experienced as end users for over 30 years. They excel in Drill and Blast Support, focusing on Business Improvement, Renewable energy, Statutory Coverage, and Training.

"Juddrill’s goals for signing up to MEX was to create a centralised solution for efficient asset and infrastructure management. Our focus is on optimising spare parts inventory costs and ensuring fleet compliance, benefiting both our internal processes and for our clients.”


Broome International Airport (BIA) supports the regional hub of Northwestern Australia. Considered the ‘Gateway to the Kimberley’, BIA meets the needs and expectations of Community, Tourism and Industry, including development of LNG in the Browse Basin.

"We are implementing MEX to optimise maintaining our assets to ensure extended operating life and improve asset renewal plans. MEX will enable day-to-day maintenance as well as scheduled maintenance to be done more efficiently and accurately tracked.”


Shire of Perenjori from the Aboriginal word meaning water hole, is situated 350 km north of Perth and 39 km south-east of Morawa in the northern agricultural region. The Shire is one of nine government areas that make up WA’s Wildflower Country and is part of the Wildflower Way Tourist Drive that runs from Dalwallinu to Geraldton.

"Shire of Perenjori was looking for a solution to get away from the labour-intensive system we had to a more streamlined approach. Additionally, the goal was to consolidate buildings, houses, mobile plant and roads all onto one, use friendly platform for easy tracking.”