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New MEX Version 15 Released November 2018

New MEX Version 15 Released November 2018

A number of bug fixes have been applied to MEX V15 released on the 12th of November 2018.

In this release we have integrated the MEX Report Designer into MEX V15. Previously MEX users would need to load the Report Designer as an external application to edit reports, but with this release it has now been integrated into MEX V15. We have also introduced a new Region editing mode that allows for a tree-based layout of setting up MEX Region Mapping (similar to MEX V14’s Region setup functionality).

Take a look at our release video below to get some further insight into the enhancements and bug fixes included in this new build.

Summary of Bug Fixes

Some of the bug fixes for this release include:

Work Orders

  • Users with large amounts of Work Orders in the Scheduler will no longer have issues when assigning many contacts to Work Orders.
  • When selecting option to print group data, if user is Regionalized they will no longer see all data assigned to MEX Inspections along with the group print.

Preventative Maintenance

  • When reordering Assets on the Inspection Assets tab of a newly created Inspection they will now save correctly.
  • Creating a Policy using the ‘at’ frequency will no longer cause it to appear multiple times in the Preventative Maintenance Scheduler. It will now remove itself from the Scheduler once the Work Order is raised.

Control Files

  • Take Listing Format From column has been removed from User Options Management.
  • Inspection Questions Sets Control Files now load faster for large data sets.

Custom Fields

  • Entering text into a Custom Field and then clicking a function that produces a popup window will no longer revert the text entered in to the Custom Field.
  • Custom Drop Downs now export correct values from listings.


  • Transferring stock in the Catalogue Listing will now refresh the original Stock on Hand as expected.
  • When setting a currency for a Supplier, it will now update the new currency symbol for its Catalogue items.

Security/Change Names

  • Fields are now mandatory/validated when they are hidden by a filter.
  • Work Order and Work Order History listing headings can now be changed as expected.

Out of Browser

  • When using Out of Browser the User Name field is now focused when MEX is first opened.

Please refer to the Client Release Notes in the MEX User Portal for a full list of Bug Fixes and Enhancements.

MEX User Portal

Please note that for those MEX users already on V15 an auto update should have already taken place. Please check the About MEX option in the Hamburger Menu in MEX to confirm that this update has occurred or you can check for updates in MEX V15. All users on older versions of MEX will need to visit the user portal to upgrade their system.

If you have any questions please contact MEX Support on or call us on +61 7 3392 4777

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