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One Login Many Applications

One Login Many Applications

Are you suffering from password fatigue?

Yes, there is such a thing and it’s something we all can relate too. From work emails to Gmail, the Apple Store or Google Play (depending on which side of the fence you sit on), Netflix accounts and work applications. We have a bucket load of usernames and passwords we need to remember. What complicates this even further is the different password requirements each of these sites employs with the difference between a small letter and a capital letter causing you to go through the dreaded Forgot Password? steps.

Don’t despair, there is a solution and its termed Single Sign On or SSO! A foolproof solution that mitigates these issues by only ever requesting the user to login the one time.

From a business perspective such a solution would limit the number of times IT is asked to change a password because I can’t remember whether I used my mother or fathers year of birth in my outlook password.

SSO Boosts productivity and promotes positivity. Yes, that’s right positivity. Think about it, you’ve got a deadline to meet, but you just can’t get into the company’s CRM to preview the end of month reports that your boss asked for an hour ago. You call IT and their phones are all busy. You get upset, you’re under pressure and the report you produce is not of a high standard. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just open the CRM and preview the report?

SSO also reinforces the secure nature of your work applications. It’s hard to believe but a lot of us still write down our username/password and are happy enough to place them in the top draw. We are given these credentials for a reason, and rather than placing them in a convenient location (the top draw of our desk where we can find them when we forget our details), a more secure way to safeguard your work applications should be employed.

The answer? Implementing SSO at some capacity in your business will be beneficial in many more ways. You will only stand to gain from its inception.

Here at MEX, we are jumping on the SSO band wagon!! The recently released MEX SSO feature takes the stress out of logging into MEX applications. Once set up all users have to do is open MEX and there in. MEX SSO handles the login process in the background. You never need to go looking for that sticky note that you scribbled your password on again.

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