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Port Stephens Council Case Study

Port Stephens Council Case Study

Port Stephens Council is located in the Hunter region of New South Wales approximately 200km north of Sydney with an estimated population of over 70, 000.

Across 2 remote depot sites Port Stephens Council maintains a large fleet of vehicles consisting of Water Tankers, Backhoes, Graders, Rollers, Prime Movers Light Trucks, Mowers, Tractors, 4 x 4 Utilities and various other assets.

FleetMEX was implemented across all levels from the Fleet Manager down to the Workshop Leading Hand to capture whole of life maintenance records for each and every vehicle in their fleet.

“Thanks to FleetMEX we can forecast accurate budgets for individual plant items using historical data and asset maintenance history.”

Take a look at the full Port Stephens Council Case Study for more information.

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