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Tracking Assets with the MEX App

Tracking Assets with the MEX App

The MEX iOS app gives administrators the ability to track Assets and personnel with the Tracking Module. With the Tracking function setup and activated, your devices GPS location is regularly transmitted back to the MEX database allowing positional data to be stored and evaluated within MEX.

In order for a device to be suitable for MEX Tracking:

  • The device must be running iOS version 6 or later.
  • The device must support a GPRS internet connection and be subscribed with an appropriate service provider.
  • The device must support GPS.

The MEX Tracking Screen
The MEX Tracking Screen

Tip: In order for the Tracking module to send position information back to MEX, the device must be able to determine its GPS position. This means that position information will not be sent while the device is indoors.

Setting up Tracking

  1. Select the “Type” of tracking

    There are three types to choose from

    • Track Assets/Vehicles – Active assets to be tracked
    • Track Me – Track your own movements
    • Track People – Track your selected MEX Users

  2. Select the Entity to be tracked

    When an Asset is selected, the Asset Selector screen pops up and allows for an asset to be selected. In the case of a person to be tracked, a list of contacts is shown.

  3. Start Tracking

    Simply tap on “Start Tracking” to begin sending position data back to the system.

There are a number of options available with the tracking. You can disable the tracking function for part of the day and also transmit your tracking logs back to MEX support. Or ff you have enabled the tracking functionality, but you do not wish to transmit your position information outside of working hours, then you can configure Tracking to disable itself for a particular period of the day i.e. 5:00pm to 8:00am.

Start Tracking your Assets or Personnel today.

For further information visit the MEX iOS App page or email