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Understanding the MEX Architecture

Understanding the MEX Architecture

There are two main elements to the MEX system; the Database Server and the Data Server. Each of these services can be loaded on the same or different physical machines, however for best performance the Database and Data servers should be located as close to each other as possible.

The Database Server

This server hosts the MEX database. MEX currently supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later, including Express versions.

The Data Server

This web service handles communication between the MEX users PC or IOS device (including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and the MEX database. The Data Server is supported on Microsoft IIS Version 6 or later.

The users may access MEX from:

  • Any computer with a browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Any Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The following diagram describes how these two services work together;

MEX Architecture