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Asset Auditing Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Auditing Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Asset Auditing?

The main features of the new Asset Auditing Inspections are:

  • Add Individual Asset Locations to confirm the exact location of each Asset Audited 
  • The ability to attach images associated with the Asset
  • Add Requests from each Audit line, requesting maintenance with ease 
  • Define Headings that can be used to clearly group related questions 
  • The use of Comments to capture more information from the user

Where in MEX can I find, and use Asset Auditing?

Asset Auditing is included under Inspections in the Preventative Maintenance Module. You can also access Asset Auditing through the corresponding Asset Details in the register.

Can I use Asset Auditing on a Handheld Device?

Yes, in fact we recommend it. Completing Asset Audits on a handheld device gives you the added ability to take a picture of the Asset and attach it to the Audit, or Maintenance Request If desired. For now, Asset Auditing is only available on the browser based version of MEX so ideally conducting Audits on an iPad or Tablet.

How many Assets can I Audit at once?

You can conduct Asset Audits based of Asset Groups or you conduct an Audit on each Asset separately. So the amount of Audits you can conduct is only limited by the amount of Assets in your register. So essentially and unlimited about of Audits can be carry out.

What kind of questions can I ask on the Audit?

Our Audit’s don’t contain predefined questions we leave that entirely up to you our customers. Every company is different and has different requirements, we however recommend you structure your questions in a way that gives you a meaningful insight into the Assets life since the last audit.

Can I raise recurring Audits?

Yes, you can raise recurring Audits in the same manner as Inspections and Preventative Maintenance policies are scheduled. By nominating a set frequency inside the inspection, MEX will raise a new Work Order each time that it is due.

Can Audits be analysed separately from inspections?

Yes, the information is separately grouped within the Asset Details and Asset History.

How can I view the full history of my Audits?

The Audit History for each is stored under within the corresponding Asset’s Asset History tab within the Asset Register.

What benefits can I get out of using Auditing?

Asset Auditing allows you to reconcile your maintenance records with an Assets current state, you can confirm locations, confirm state and functionality of the assets and submit any maintenance requests where required.

Regular Asset Auditing also contributes to smoother maintenance practices and increases the chance of catching any issues with an Asset before it snowballs.

Other benefits include:

  • Compliance with any statutory or industry regulations
  • Increased transparency 
  • Increased OHS standards by regularly auditing the safety of Assets

How do I set the location of an Asset inside an Audit?

You can only set the location of Asset within an Audit itself. Location can be selected in one of two ways:

  • On a handheld device – Make sure location services are enabled on the device and then simply hit the ‘Set Location button’ 
  • ‘Set Location on Map’ by manually searching for the Asset

What is the prev column of the Audit line?

This feature allows you to directly view last Audit details from the previous conducted Audit. Easily compare the current state of the Asset with the reported state of the Asset when it was last audited. This information can provide useful insight on raising requests.

Can I tie in this Auditing to the financial tab of an Asset?

Asset Auditing is independent to the financial tab, what’s included in your Asset Audited is determined solely by the questions you chose to define in your Audit list.

For more information regarding this new feature, check out the Asset Auditing information page

Asset Auditing

If you have any questions about Asset Auditing please contact our friendly support team on +61 7 3992 4777 or by emailing

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