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Begin Scheduling Work Orders in 5 easy steps

Begin Scheduling Work Orders in 5 easy steps

Scheduling tasks has never been easier. MEX has now incorporated a powerful but easy to use scheduler as part of the Work Orders Module.

To simplify the set up process, the scheduler comes with its very own wizard that will guide you through the setup of your work orders schedule.Just follow the 5 easy steps and get on your way to easy maintenance scheduling.

Using the wizard

To begin with, open up the Work Order Listing and open the Scheduler by clicking the Scheduler button

MEX Work Order listing 

If this is the first time you have run the Work Order Scheduler MEX will start the work order scheduler wizard


As this is deemed to be the first time you have opened the scheduler, click next to begin

MEX Scheduler Setup 1

You have two options at this stage. Either schedule for a week at a time or create a schedule for each day of the working week.

MEX Scheduler Setup 2

The next task is to nominate the specific day that your work week officially starts and the number of working days in that week

MEX Scheduler Setup 3

Next we define the Work Order Duration. This is where the user will define the average amount of time a general work order will take to complete. This will help the scheduler calculate specific slots in the allocated working hours based on what hours you have selected to work within.

MEX Scheduler Setup 4

In step 4 you will need to define the number of available man hours that your maintenance personnel are able to perform work and of these hours how many are available for scheduling.

MEX Scheduler Setup 4

In the next step we define the priority allocation. As all Work Orders are sorted in the scheduler by their priority, the resource scheduler wizard gives users the option to define the number of work orders in each priority to schedule. This flexibility allows the user to really narrow down on important jobs regardless of their priority and easily work out convenient times to carry out the work. 

MEX Scheduler Setup 5

Once you have gone through all the five steps. A schedule with buckets containing the working days and allocated hours can be populated and work can then be pushed out to the tradesmen to carry out in line with the scheduler.

MEX Schedule Builder

It’s as easy as that, Happy scheduling!