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Cairns and Mackay Airports Case Study

Cairns and Mackay Airports Case Study

Cairns Airport is an award winning domestic and international airport owned and operated by Northern Queensland Airports (NQA). NQA owns both Cairns and Mackay airports, the latter only operating domestic flights. In 2013 the Cairns Airport was awarded ‘Major Airport of the Year’, both airports have also won tourism awards in recent years. Together Cairns and Mackay Airports welcome over 5.5 million passengers each year. Cairns has flights to 10 international destinations and Cairns and Mackay together offer around 25 interstate, intrastate and regional domestic services.

Since implementing the MEX Maintenance Software it’s really streamlined our Asset Management efforts. Before MEX we had equipment manuals and documents stored in a number of different locations. This made it difficult and time consuming to track down what was where. Now with MEX everything is stored in one place and makes knowledge retention simple. With MEX all that data is stored in a simple way allowing staff to easily access the information when they need to.

“MEX makes everything easier, everything is now in one place. MEX has improved our maintenance management and staff timings… MEX has given us confidence in our maintenance and equipment.”

Take a look at the full Cairns and Mackay Airports Case Study for more information

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