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Copying and Pasting From MEX Listing

Copying and Pasting From MEX Listing

Copying and pasting has always been an integral feature of almost any program, where MEX is no exception. The MEX system allows users to copy single or multiple lines out of MEX listings and paste them in to the program of their choosing.

Let’s try this feature out! Navigate to any listing and click an entry, say the Work Order listing.

Work Order Listing

You can use Shift+Click to mass-select multiple entries.

Mass Select on WO Listing

Or you can use Ctrl+Click to individually select multiple entries.

Individual Line Select on WO Listing

Once you’ve selected the desired listing entries, press Ctrl+C to copy them. This should insert them into your clipboard – you can then proceed to paste them anywhere, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel paste example

And it’s that simple! Extract the information you need by copying and pasting.

Any questions? Our support team are always happy to help, contact them at or call +61 7 3392 4777.

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