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Directors Note on the Release of MEX Version 15

Directors Note on the Release of MEX Version 15

MEX 15 is here.

The newest, and I think the best ever version of MEX, has hit the streets. Released on May the 4th, V15 has really been accepted well by the users with over 1,000 already upgraded and taking full advantage of the new version.

I think it is the best version ever because of two things. It looks great and is super-fast. The boys and girls at MEX have really created a piece of software that I am immensely proud of.

Also, it has reduced the requirement of Microsoft Silverlight. As we have gone for a complete web based front end. We have even added in all the things users wanted from version 12 into it, such as keystrokes, Instead of having to use a mouse.

The testing period has been over 6 months and went through a rigorous beta and testing stage before going out live. So, we feel it is the cleanest release in our history.

To upgrade just go into version 14 and on the home screen you will find an Upgrade to MEX 15 button that will give you access to the upgrade. Our support team has prepared an upgrade guide that you can follow, here’s the link: Upgrade to MEX Version 15

There are quite a few new things that have been added. And these can be found in our MEXV15 Release Notes.

Also, there has been some talk about the iPad app, as some users want to know whether we are going to still build on the iPad app platform or just use the web version inside safari.

Well I can allay any fears, MEX will support the iPad app for as long as there is an iPad or iPhone. And we shall be looking at bringing out a new release of the iPad app in the near future with extra functionality added in, and all the other technical stuff that will be required.

So, please enjoy the new version of MEX. We love it and hope that you will too.

Steve Ninnes
MEX Managing Director

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