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Domaine Chandon Case Study

Domaine Chandon Case Study

During the mid-eighties a group of Australian wine experts were engaged to find an ideal site for growing traditional cool climate champagne grape varieties. Nestling in the Yarra Valley, they found an old dairy farm named ‘Green Point’ with the perfect combination of cool climate and great soil. Since its establishment by French champagne house Moët & Chandon in 1986, Green Point has been the home for Domaine Chandon who now produces method traditional sparkling wine, enjoyed not only in Australia but around the world.

Domaine  Chandon  is  comprised of a small maintenance workforce making the effective management of each of our staff member’s work load a number 1 priority. The MEX Maintenance Software allows our staff to keep abreast of all current, outstanding and completed work. MEX helps to organize all our planned maintenance routines and as a result allows us to easily prioritize all upcoming maintenance work.

MEX is not only being used at Domaine Chandon’s initial site but also at two other wineries in the Estates and Wine Group.

“All in all, the MEX Maintenance Software assists with our equipment’s long term reliability and in turn lifts the overall equipment effectiveness on all of our sites”

Take a look at the full Domaine Chandon Case Study for more information.

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