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Encouraging your workers to use your CMMS

Encouraging your workers to use your CMMS

If you’re interested in using your Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to its full capacity, sometimes finding information to help you get your team on the same page can be a little bit tricky.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been asking around the various social networks for opinions.

Through these chats, I’ve come up with a list of things you can do to help your employees get the most out of your CMMS.

The general theme I’ve uncovered, is the importance of education.

First off, you need to; show them the benefits.

To really get your team excited and enthusiastic about using a CMMS, you have to show them the WHY. 

By giving your team information about the benefits of using a CMMS, they will be able to make up their own minds about the possibilities a CMMS can provide.

You must help them understand how a CMMS can make their job easier.

Good examples of this are to outline capabilities such as automatic Preventative Maintenance scheduling, less paperwork down the track, and more accurate and informative communication.

You can read about more benefits here.

Secondly, you must dispel myths.

The first myth you must bust in your quest for CMMS acceptance is the misconception that a CMMS is used to track your maintenance workers’ every move.  This view can stem from a lack of trust in programs, or simply, a misunderstanding. 

Dispelling this view is usually an issue when you’re re-training existing staff, rather than training new ones.  In the past, managers have used electronic systems as a way to judge the quality of work of their employee, it must be stressed that this is not the goal of a CMMS.

A good way to get your staff used to using a CMMS is to imbed it as part of the company culture (the way you do things).  Make timesheets available through your CMMS, update internal communications, organise meetings.  Use any means you can to get people comfortable using the system and you will see the results.

You must train your staff adequately.

Training is the area you must invest time.    If a staff member feels confident with a new process or program, they will be willing to use it. 

It’s the same with any change in a person’s life.  At first there is a tendency to resist, however once the pros and cons are figured out, acceptance comes soon after.

What can I do about an employee stuck in their old ways?

Using a CMMS is very much a team effort.  One person enters a request, another authorises it, then another completes the job. 

For the whole operation to operate smoothly, each party must do their part. 

By encouraging this point, a team member can appreciate the decision and learn to accept it.

Good luck with your CMMS implementation.

Let us know your staff acceptance stories!