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How often do you backup your MEX database

How often do you backup your MEX database

MEX works with a back-end database that holds all the information you work with. Every time you enter a work order, adjust a purchase order or simply rename an asset, MEX works in the background with the database to save or extract this information.

Let’s say you come in tomorrow and the Brisbane River once again burst its banks, flooding your office. Taking with it your only computer that held that MEX Database and every other system you rely on. Right after you have stopped asking yourself a hundred times if you are insured, that missing computer will send you into a panic. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a reliable backup set that you can restore and continue to work? Confidently knowing that you are not going to lose any of the data that you’ve been working with for the last five years.

It may be hard to believe but there are operations out there that don’t have an effective disaster recovery procedures that include constantly backing up and safely storing any files, with the notion that ‘Oh it probably won’t happen to me!’ Backing up takes a few minutes and when called upon can save you from a mini heart attack!

Take the time to identify the information, documents and applications (like MEX) that are crucial to the running of your business and come up with a set of procedures to safe guard these items. Daily, weekly or monthly backups that are stored securely off premises or in the cloud. If you already have a plan in place, or have your application in the cloud like the MEX Data Hosting Service, get in touch with your providers and get the assurance from them that information is being backed up.

So, the next time a wall of brown water heads your way, you can get to safety whilst being assure that when it clears up you can go on operating as usual.

If you would like more information on how to carry out a backup of your MEX database or have general questions about the whole process, please contact the MEX Support team at or call +61 7 3392 4777.

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