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Introducing Asset Auditing in MEX

Introducing Asset Auditing in MEX

MEX is proud to introduce the latest module available in MEX V15 – Asset Auditing

Asset Auditing was created in MEX to accommodate for any organisation with a fluctuating Asset environment. Over time an Asset’s situation may change, the Asset could be relocated, repurposed or even rebuilt. Asset Auditing is a practice that allows you to verify the reality of an Assets state when compared to that which has been documented. Auditing Assets is an essential part of maintenance and is highly recommended in upholding best practice guidelines.

Now with MEX Asset auditing you have the ability to:

  • Confirm an Asset’s location
  • Capture Pictures from handheld devices
  • Submit Maintenance Requests resulting from an Audit
  • Group related questions within an audit & add comments to capture more information on the Audit
  • Review the History of each Asset Audit conducted

Auditing on HandheldSet the Asset's location, capture an image and submit a Request all from your Handheld

For more information regarding this new feature, check out the Asset Auditing information page

Asset Auditing

If you have any questions about Asset Auditing please contact our friendly support team on +61 07 3992 4777 or by emailing

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