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Introducing MEX Single Sign On

Introducing MEX Single Sign On

How many of us are sick of this annoying box pop up on the left-hand screen of our computers?

Image result for your password will expire in 3 days

Changing a password feels like an almost weekly occurrence word and I can never seem to remember them or it will take a couple of goes before I remember what number my password is up to.

Day in and day out we all work with multiple applications and passwords which can be difficult to keep track off and god help you if you accidently clear all passwords when cleaning up your browser cache. Thankfully the latest version of MEX 15 now comes MEX Single Sign On (SSO). With SSO, users can now log into their computer and begin what’s called a session, any applications that you have linked to single sign on including MEX, FleetMEX, the all new MEX Dashboard and MEX Ops uses the same set of log in credentials and thereby eliminating any further prompts when the user switches applications during the same session.

MEX SSO simplifies log in procedures and reduces the amount of spent stuck in frustrating loops.

Image result for meme password password cannot be previous password

SSO also brings a whole host of benefits including the ease of monitoring user activity and accounts, mitigating any access risks to 3rd party sites and saving you and your IT department time and energy.

For more information about MEX Single Sign On, please chilck the following link


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