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July eNews Directors Note 2014

July eNews Directors Note 2014

Thanks to all those that commented back on the last survey we did.  It has allowed us to firstly feel pretty good, because so many of you praised us, and secondly for those that had issues, we have taken all of them on board and are acting on them now.

And to address one large one from the survey… That people want to know what is happening with request for changes to MEX.

Well, we have been working on them for the last few weeks here and will be having a release in the near future with many of them addressed.  However, not all.  As there have been over 300 new requests since January 1st this year. So, we will probably do about 100 or so in an upcoming release. But that is all we can do. Just too many to do them all.

One big mention about the requests.  Many people have asked for extra fields to be added to a variety of places in MEX.  Especially in Work Order Tasks. Well, we have handled this by universally making it possible to add extra fields onto any form. 

This is being worked on now and after a fair bit of testing will be released.  It may not be the next release but very soon.

Stephen Ninnes
MEX General Manager

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