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Lindsay’s trip to Mongolia

Lindsay’s trip to Mongolia

Not many people get the chance to travel to somewhere as remote as Mongolia.  But with the acquisition papers signed, and specialised training requested, someone had to get on a plane.

That someone is our Engineering Consultant, Lindsay Wilson, and the customer is Bayan Airag Exploration LLC.

Lindsay will meet with engineers in Ulaanbaatar (Mogolia's capital).  These engineers work at the mine site in Zavkhan Aimag (approximately 1,200 km west of Ulaanbaatar).  The site of the Bayan Airag project (also known as Gold Hills Project) is a prospected area for a gold and copper mine.

Sounds simple enough?  Well that’s where you’re wrong.  Lindsay will head off from Brisbane Airport January Friday the 13th, and then he has a single night stop-over in Seoul, Korea.  From there he will jump on another plane to Mongolia where the current temperature ranges from -15 to -35, with it not unheard of to get down to -50 at this time of year!

Lindsay will battle snow, ice, and extreme temperatures for five nights as he provides MEX training and consulting to the employees from Bayan Airag.

We wish Lindsay the best in his travels, and we hope he doesn’t forget his jacket!

P.S. If you’d like to get a better idea of just how remote the mine is, check out “Zavkhan Aimag Mongolia” in Google Maps.