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MEX 16 Development is Underway

MEX 16 Development is Underway

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the commencement of an exciting new chapter in the MEX journey. The development of MEX 16, our newest software iteration, is in full swing.

It was just 30 years ago that MEX founder, Steve, planted the seed of MEX. Today, it has grown into a giant tree with many robust modules, all of which have transformed and evolved from their original versions into the comprehensive tools you're familiar with today.

Over the last half-decade, we have seen MEX 15 provide our users with CMMS stability, establishing itself as our most stable build to date. However, we believe that change is the only constant. As Steve aptly puts it, "we are retaining the visual familiarity, but underneath, the engine will be undergoing a significant revamp."

The core functionality of MEX will remain unchanged but expect a vast improvement in speed and efficiency. MEX 16 will also be built on the latest technology, ensuring seamless cross-platform functionality.

Our devoted R&D team are the workhorses behind MEX 16. They're passionately working to enhance the software, ensuring that it is tailored to meet your needs and offer even more intuitive features.

Get ready for an updated, user-friendly menu system that embraces both light and dark modes, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of the time of day or night. Not only this, but we're revitalizing our core modules. Asset Register, Work Orders, and an all-new reporting menu are currently being reimagined and upgraded.

Stay tuned, as we launch into the future with MEX 16, bringing you the perfect amalgamation of familiarity, innovation, and efficiency.

Here is a sneak peak at the new menu with light/dark modes:

MEX 16 Light and Dark Mode Preview

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