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MEX 2015 Festive Season Opening Hours

MEX 2015 Festive Season Opening Hours

MEX Xmas Start

Twas the night before Christmas, when MEX will close house,
Not an employee will be working, not one holds a mouse.
Support staff will be home and not in their chair,
For this public holiday is the day St Nicholas is here.

From the Eve to the fourth the workers will shed,
But someone from support will be available instead.
Take note and be weary for dates may trap,
twil be only non-public holiday’s, you can phone this Chap.

What days may you ask, can you phone for chatter,
Why the 29th – 31st so you can explain what’s the matter.
The number to dial if you have such a clash,
Is 0413 639 500, MEX will answer in a flash.

For those who host data, MEX does know
To monitor your service, to keep data flow.
For our customers’ needs we do hold dear,
And so MEX users have no reason to fear.

But if hosting customer experiences a trick,
Then pick up the phone and dial us quick.
What number should I call? I will rename,
Call 0413 639 500 and your problem MEX will tame.

What times will support be available to work?
From 7:30am to 5:00pm by the phone we will lurk.
What time zone you may ask, we shall disclose
Tis Australian Eastern Standard Time we will impose.

Please note the dates MEX is at dismissal
But remember if you seek us, you only need whistle.
For MEX to help we think a delight,
“So happy holidays to all, and to all a good night”


MEX Xmas End