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MEX Data Hosting One Year Anniversary

MEX Data Hosting One Year Anniversary

The MEX Data Hosting Service has continued to grow from strength to strength. By utilising the quality and dependability of the Microsoft Azure platform, our hosted solution is more robust than ever before. This month we celebrate a full year on the azure platform and in that time have seen an uptime in access of 99% and improvements in reliabiliy, accessibility and performance.

With 1 in 5 MEX customers now using hosting, we effectively manage over 40 servers, both for dedicated customers and shared boxes with no more than 50 customers on each one.  This guarantees availability and ensures performance is at a high level.

All Azure servers are located within the Australia East data centre with Replica boxes located in SouthEast data centre, which ensures that all customer data remains in Australia. For our overseas customers that do choose to have their systems hosted closer to home, we have worldwide data centres to use at our disposal.

For those looking to add a bit of grunt to their performance we are able to provide high spec boxes to suit and these can be spooled up in no time. Again, utilising Azure’s proven resources to provide servers that can handle even the most demanding processes.

The MEX cloud service is forever improving with monthly server maintenance check-ups, updates taken care ofa foolproof disaster recovery plan and unbeatable hosting prices. MEX hosting is in the best place it has ever been in and will continue to improve to ensure MEX is available anytime our customers need to use it.

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