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MEX Document Cleaner

MEX Document Cleaner

Over time documents can build up on a MEX server and a number of these being oprphaned. That is, documents that no longer have any association to a work order, preventative maintenance policy, asset, etc…

By default, MEX documents are stored on the server hosting MEX and in the web files directory of the MEX application, here: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\MEXData\Documents

There is always the option to nominate another directory, achieved through the control files of MEX. Just look for the Set Documents Folder button. Located under the System Options.

MEX Control Files System Options

Accessing the Document Cleaner

  • From the MEX main menu click the Control Files
  • Click Document Management
  • Click the Find Orphaned Documents button

MEX Documents Management

This will display a full list of the documents that are no longer associated with a MEX module.

MEX Documents Cleaner

Here you can go through and double check any of the files and proceed to delete the orphaned documents you do not need.

To access this feature you will need to ensure your system is on the latest version of MEX. Orphaned documents was released in January 2022.

Any questions? Contact the MEX support team at or call +61 7 3392 4777

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