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MEX January Enews 2018

MEX January Enews 2018

Here are the articles sent out in the January E News

MEX in 2018

We hear from MEX Managing Director Steve Ninnes on what exciting enhancements and changes are due to be released in 2018.

New MEX Update Released

The latest update of MEX has been released. This incorporates a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

New Customers

We would like to welcome some of our newest customers who have purchased the software in December 2017.

MEX Hosting Secured for CPU Vulnerability

The year started off with a scramble to solve a CPU vulnerability that posed a major security threat. To ensure that our hosting servers were protected, The MEX Hosting team were quick to secure all our servers.

Private Training Dates Available

With 2018 well and truly upon us, it’s a perfect time to book in a refresher or get some customised training done. We have consultants available from the 29th of January onwards.

Most Read Blog Articles of 2017

Have you ever wondered which our articles your fellow MEX professionals have been interested in? Have a look at the list of the top ten articles for 2017 we have put together.

Tech Tip - Working with the MEX Task Scheduler

To make life easier, MEX has a feature called Scheduled Tasks which allows a user to set up a schedule to run routine tasks.

Tech Tip - Enforce Login after Timeout Expires

In the latest update of MEX we have introduced a new feature that forces users to login again after a certain time period has elapsed.

Host your entire MEX System in the cloud

Host your data in the cloud with MEX and gain worldwide access to your MEX system, reap the benefits of the highest-grade infrastructure, uptime in excess of 99% and minimal to no IT running costs. Contact us today to set up a hosting trial.

Review MEX

We love to hear what our customers think about us, you can review MEX and help other companies learn about your experiences with MEX as a software and MEX as a company.