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MEX Prestarts Frequently Asked Questions

MEX Prestarts Frequently Asked Questions

Is MEX Prestarts an Additional Module that I will need to purchase?

No, Prestarts has been included as a Side Module of the MEX Maintenance Software. The Prestart specific user licensing however will need to be purchased to allow your operators to carry out the checks.

How do Prestart Specific Users work?

Prestart specific users can only use MEX Mobile devices and are limited to just the prestarts module. Although a normal MEX user can also use Prestarts in main MEX, having prestart only users saves your MEX concurrent licenses for your maintenance users.

How much do Prestart licenses cost?

Prestart licenses are sold in packs of 20 users priced at $3,290 incl GST. If you are after more licenses or have questions about this licensing model, please contact our sales team at

I don’t see Prestarts in my system, how do I get access to it?

You will need to be on the latest build of MEX released in June 2021 in order to be able to use the new MEX Prestarts.

Once you have upgraded to the latest build, you will need to add the module for access through your Side Modules. To do this:

  • Click the Hamburger menu to the top right-hand side of the screen
  • Click Options in the resulting menu
  • Click the Side Modules Tab
  • Select Prestarts in All Side Modules and click the -> button to add it to your current Side Modules
  • Restart MEX and Prestarts will now appear in your Main Menu’s side modules

Here is a tech tip detailing these steps: Add Prestarts to the MEX Main Menu

Do Prestarts work hand in hand with MEX Work Orders? Or are they independent?

All prestarts are independent checks that are assigned to specific assets. These prestart checks can then be set up to identify faults and create Maintenance Requests or Work Orders so that the issue can be rectified.

How do I create a Prestart in MEX?

Creating a Prestart in MEX is easy. Just make sure you have your questions all listed out. Then work through the create Prestart option in the MEX Control Files to set up your answers and the questions that will be displayed to the operator.

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to create and use a prestart in MEX:

MEX Prestarts

How many pictures can an operator add to a prestart?

Each question in a prestart allows an operator to take a picture. They may add as many as they need to make their case.

How many Prestarts can I assign to each Asset?

Initially one. For any asset to have a prestart carried out on it, a Prestart checklist will need to be assigned to the Asset’s details in the Asset Register. This allows the asset to be selected in the Prestarts module. Another checklist can be selected against the asset when an operator is looking to carry out a check.

Do Prestarts work with QR Codes?

Yes, they do, along with Barcodes. Both the QR and Barcode labels can be printed from MEX Reports or you can print an Individual Asset’s QR Code from directly inside the Asset’s Details.

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