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MEX Promoting Paperless Maintenance with the iPad

MEX Promoting Paperless Maintenance with the iPad

MEX has embarked on a suite of products that are revolutionary, and as some would say, well before their time. With tablets taking over the world, a new mini iPad just released and the Windows Surface hitting the markets, the end of conventional desktop computer is nigh.

Some questions that will surely come up more often nowadays are to do with how these tablets can be used more productively in the workplace. Questions like, why invest in a computer that can only be operated in the office? Why not look to tablets and get your employees working on the go?

Our answer, the MEX iOS App!

The most recent addition to the MEX suite has been the MEX iPad, iPhone and iPod app. The predecessor to the PDA operated MEX Mobile; the iPad app can do most of the functions of the main MEX application, but most importantly now can work as its predecessor and go offline.

Version 2 of this app adds this new dimension to an already versatile app. While most of the iPad functionality requires a live network connection to the MEX database to operate, there are functions that can operate without network connectivity in a "disconnected" mode. This means that the iPad can be synchronised with the MEX database before you leave the network area and operate with the data that is held on the iPad. 

When you are back in an area with network connectivity the iPad can be synchronised again and the MEX database updated with the work that you have done while you were out of network range. 

The various disconnected functions are located in the "MEX Mobile" menu, which is accessed by tapping on the "Go Mobile" icon located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Main Menu.

This Offline Mode, along with the MEX app will in time trigger the end of paper based maintenance operations and allow for real time maintenance jobs to be performed, recorded and completed with ease.

For more information check out the MEX App page, the iPad Fact Sheet or download from the app store