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MEX Turns 30

MEX Turns 30

This year marks a significant milestone in our journey – the 30th anniversary of the MEX Maintenance Software. For three decades, we’ve been committed to our mission of simplifying maintenance, delivering excellence in the Maintenance Management industry in Australia and beyond.

Our journey began in 1993 when our founder, Stephen Ninnes, established MEX. Over the ensuing years, MEX has grown to become Australia’s foremost Computerised Maintenance Management System and a trusted provider of Maintenance Software, establishing a reputable presence in the industry. Through the journey keeping to our promise – Keeping it Simple!

From its humble beginnings with a team of just two, MEX has grown exponentially, now boasting a dedicated team of 35 full-time staff. We have constantly adapted to the times, evolving our software platform from Magic to Microsoft Access, SQL, .Net, and now to a modern HTML5 and JavaScript-based system that is accessible on a wider range of devices than ever before. With our latest innovation MEX 16 no exception, pushing the boundaries of the latest in technology.

Our achievements over these 30 years have been underpinned by our dedicated staff. Their longevity within our company serves as a testament to their commitment to MEX. CEO Matt Ward and Sales Executive Scott Ralph share a combined MEX experience of over 36 years, a partnership that has driven our success. Our Engineering Head, Greg, has lent his expertise to MEX for over two decades, while our Office Manager, Kirst, and Marketing Lead, Faunty, have been with us for 20 and 13 years respectively.

Our development team, steered by MEX veterans Buzz (20 years), Ryan (18 years) and Bonnie (15 years), have continually innovated our software. They know the MEX code like the back of their hand. Our trainers, each with extensive MEX experience, ensure our users fully understand and utilize the software to its full potential.

We’re excited to present a glimpse of our modern office space, home to the passionate team committed to ensuring you get the most out of MEX.

As we commemorate our 30th anniversary, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your trust in MEX. We look forward to another 30 years of driving innovation and simplifying maintenance with our continually evolving software.

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