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MEX Version Released

MEX Version Released

The following v 14 updates were released just before Christmas and are now available for download from the MEX User Portal.

- V1.0.2 Data Server Install

- Client

- Client Install build

- FleetMEX Client Install build

- MEX 12.6.2 / FleetMEX 5.3.2 IIS Server

- MEX Utilities

We have also released an iOS Update for the MEX iPad, iPhone and iPod app. MEX iOS v2.0.2.0 app is now available for download in the iTunes store. Note: This app will only work with the latest version of MEX v14.0.2.0. Please upgrade to this version before attempting to use the new app update.

This release contains new bug fixes and enhancements including the following:

- Better handling of orders that are being modified at the same time by users

- User Request approval limit is now remembered if the approval conditions are toggled.

- Security no longer is applied to the main Administrator account if the security is switched off

- A number of other security and report fixes

- And more

The full release notes for each release can also be found in the user portal.

If you have any questions about your user portal login details, or upgrading MEX please feel free to contact our support department on +617 3392 4777 and they would be more than happy to assist you.

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