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MEX Website New features

MEX Website New features

G’day all,

This post will give you a good idea about the new features we’ve included on our brand-new website. 

The main changes, you’ve probably noticed already (the new look), however there are a few more tucked away that may be more helpful to you.

If you check out the ‘Resources’ page, you’ll find a library of great tutorial videos (the collection is growing!).    We are making videos that explain relevant industry terms, outline maintenance best practices, plus tips, tricks, and tutorials for MEX.

If you click on ‘Blog’ (along the top navigation bar) you’ll find our regularly updated content.  These articles will help you get the most out of your CMMS, give you insights into where our products are heading, and maybe even teach you a couple of helpful life lessons along the way.

Directly from the Home page, you can read the latest MEX news, participate in our latest Poll, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Also, if you’ve got something to say about any of our articles, don’t be shy, speak up!  We really look forward to having a conversation about any of the ideas we put up.  You guys know a lot about what you do, and we value your input!

So have a look around, get to know where everything is, and we look forward to seeing you in the comments!