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New MEX Customers July 2022

New MEX Customers July 2022

We’re pleased to welcome a number of new customers to the MEX family! These customers recently purchased the MEX Maintenance Software in July, 2022 and are now an important part of the MEX Community.

Annex Foods
Annex Foods is a privately-owned Australian health and wellbeing food business - with strength in contract manufacturing, brand development and OEM/private label partnering. The business partners leading local and global food companies and retailers spread across own brand (private label/OEM) and 3rd party brands.

“Our main goal of MEX is to provide a system that will consolidate our current excel and word documents into a single system and assist us in the move from breakdown to proactive maintenance.” – Stephen Shalders, Maintenance and Engineering Manager

Southern Packers

Southern Packers is an onion pack house based in Timaru, New Zealand. The company primarily grades and packs onions for both local and export markets and have a range of specialised and automated grading/packing equipment from manufacturers all around the world. 

“We plan to use MEX to keep track of our spare parts and how much each piece of equipment/machinery is costing us on an annual basis.” –  Lockie Coskerie, Engineer

Albright & Wilson
Albright & Wilson is the leading manufacturer of surfactants and supplier of phosphates in the Australian market. Their comprehensive product range services the industrial, construction, mining, food and household & personal care markets. 

“We plan to use MEX to improve our maintenance practice here onsite and move towards more Preventative Maintenance.” –  Ali Zafaranloo, Maintenance Manager

Ocean Logistics
Ocean Logistics Limited is a maritime transportation company based in Vanuatu. With an Australian, American, and Ni-Vanuatu management team, their principle is to strongly support the Ni-Vanuatu seafarer workforce.  


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