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New MEX Customers June 2023

New MEX Customers June 2023

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest customers who have joined the growing MEX family! In May and June of 2023, these valued individuals and organizations made the decision to invest in the MEX Maintenance Software, and we are thrilled to have them as integral members of our esteemed MEX Community.

MA Services Group

MA Services Group (MASG) specializes in providing security, cleaning, and facilities services. Their team consists of industry professionals with expertise in various sectors such as retail, facilities management, property, events, and industrial fields. This reflects their ability to adapt and provide customized solutions to a wide range of enterprises and organizations.

MA Services Group, as an integrated services provider, introduced MEX to our business in providing effective and efficient management of our Clients assets and Infrastructure. The functionality of MEX has allowed our Clients to avail of comprehensive maintenance and asset management functionality through a transparent operational approach and seamless engagement with our business. The ease of use and understanding of the system also allows both our admin and support teams to comfortably manage each task proficiently and in turn, supporting our Clients with end-to-end solutions.” 

Rubber Gem
Established in 2002, RubberGem is an Australian-owned and operated company with a mission to recycle waste rubber into durable products. Utilizing cutting-edge research and leading technology, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly solutions for various projects worldwide. By diverting a significant volume of end-of-life tyres and conveyor belts from landfills, we are committed to creating a cleaner and greener environment. Join us in our journey towards sustainability and make a positive impact with RubberGem.

“We have engaged MEX to help us Manage Work Orders, maintenance plans and spare parts inventory.” 

Laser Central

Laser Central is a 100% Australian, family-owned metal processing company based at Darra in Brisbane. Premium services for flat and tabular metal products are offered as well as laser-cutting services across the board.

“We implemented MEX because we needed clarity in our maintenance expenditure, we sought marked improvements in machine reliability and needed a well-developed FMEA solution, and we needed to show our staff that we were taking maintenance seriously, to cultivate improved commitment and compliance to higher operational standards” 

Breece Taylor Mechanical Services offers comprehensive mechanical solutions to its customers. BTMS specialise in maintenance of large fleets of mobile equipment and can provide skilled labour for diagnostics and repairs, hydraulic and mechanical, auto-electrical and air conditioning, and scheduled servicing. They provide efficient and reliable solutions to meet their customers' needs, ensuring fleet reliability and performance in the agricultural, construction and commercial spaces.

“My main goals in using MEX is to embed a work management process within my business and deliver value to my customers by effectively managing their assets and associated maintenance strategies.”  Breece Taylor, Owner

PCC Mine Services
PCC Mine Services specializes in providing comprehensive mining solutions to its customers. Their services encompass a wide range of offerings, including mine equipment maintenance, repairs, and inspections, as well as mine infrastructure construction and rehabilitation. With their expertise and industry knowledge, PCC Mine Services ensures safe and efficient mining operations for their clients.

“MEX will be a great way for us to improve our ongoing safety compliance obligations.  As well as helping us to streamline our day to day processes over various areas of our business.  For example work orders, spare parts inventory, asset management and staying on top of our maintenance and material cost's.”


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