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New MEX Customers June Update

New MEX Customers June Update

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to some of our newest customers who recently purchased the MEX software and in doing so have joined the MEX community in the month of June, 2015.

Savanna Energy
Savanna Energy Services is an energy services provider headquartered in Clagary Alberta.  Their primary offerings include conventional drilling, hybrid drilling, well servicing and comprehensive oilfield services. With a fleet of 100 drilling rigs, and 95 well service rigs Savanna has become a worldwide provider.

Alpha Flight Services
Alpha Flight Services is an Australia wide organisation that provides in-flight catering at nine airports around Australia. The company was incorporated in 1994.

Glidepath Group
Glidepath was founded in 1923 with current ownership since 1972. Glidepath focuses on creating and implementing cost effective solutions to meet handling, cargo handling or sortation requirements.

Blackdown Accommodation Services is an Australian owned Workforce Accommodation and Services Company. They provide innovative Hospitality and living solutions, with a focus on achieving consistent desirable outcomes.

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