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New MEX Customers November 2022

New MEX Customers November 2022

We’re pleased to welcome a number of new customers to the MEX family! These customers recently purchased the MEX Maintenance Software in November, 2022 and are now an important part of the MEX Community.

Sargeant Transport
Sargeant Transport is a transportation company established in 1990 that provides responsive and dynamic options in transport and storage for the food manufacturing industry.

“Our main goal with MEX is to simplify our life and speed up our maintenance processes.” – Tim Johannessen


Bob & Pete’s 100% Yum began in 1983 and has grown to become a leading wholesale bakery and patisserie. Supplying bakery products to cafes, restaurants, caterers and retailers across New South Wales.

“With MEX we aim to drive plant/equipment reliability and safety whilst reducing repair & maintenance costs.” – Hop Lam, Maintenance Manager


Dentalife Australia is a developer and manufacturer of dental and other healthcare products for professional use. Well known in the dental industry for high quality, Australian made products, Dentalife Australia is in an exciting growth period looking to secure a foothold in other healthcare industries in Australia as well as overseas.

“Our main goal with MEX, is streamlining our maintenance system, moving away from a paper-based one.” – Scott Murphy, Production Engineer

Cyclowest is a modern radiopharmaceutical manufacturing company, established to produce radioisotopes. Located in Perth, Cyclowest aims at meeting the ever-increasing demands of medical isotopes in both, the public and private sectors for WA. Equipped with some of the latest equipment and technology, once operational the facility will be fully GMP compliant. 

“Our focus is to use MEX as our primary Building Management System. MEX is a comprehensive and user-friendly system such that it captures all the important information needed for our requirements such as, Preventive Maintenance and scheduling. Included in the system, is the Dashboard function where KPIs can be monitored and will allow us to monitor our efficiency in service and maintenance.” –  Thomas Tuchyna, General Manager

Black Hops
Black Hops Brewing started as 3 mates making beer and sharing everything they learned along the way. These days Black Hops is one of Australia’s highest rated and fastest growing breweries, with a team of over 80, producing and distributing beer to thousands of venues around Australia.

“I chose MEX as our CMMS for Black Hops Brewery as I have used this in my previous employment. It’s a fantastic platform and look forward to building it exactly how I want it from the start. It’s a great local company and the support has been fantastic.” –  Alex Drysdale, Maintenance Manager


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