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New MEX Customers October 2023

New MEX Customers October 2023

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest customers who have joined the growing MEX family! In October 2023, these valued individuals and organizations made the decision to invest in the MEX Maintenance Software, and we are thrilled to have them as integral members of our esteemed MEX Community.

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Osborne Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd is a trusted truck and trailer fleet maintenance service. They offer diagnostic services, regular servicing, tyre and wheel services, window tints, hydraulic hose repairs, batteries, alternator/ start motor repairs, carbon clean and engine and transmission services and the list continues to grow.

"Our main goal with MEX was to improve our service towards fleet customers by implementing a system that would accurately keep track of maintenance schedules, the different variety of maintenance programs and to also control of outstanding work. We used to do this manually with spreadsheet and list, but this just wasn’t viable anymore with the time spent maintaining them and risk of items being missed/forgotten. MEX has helped us streamline this process and gave us more confidence that all equipment we look after is kept compliant”

Tri-Tech Chemical Company Pty Ltd are an Australian based chemical company servicing clients locally and globally in the mining, agricultural chemical, construction chemical and lubricant markets. Over 35 years the company has developed its manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with a range of quality products based on chemical reactions, including esters, sulfonates, succinates, and many other organic salts.

"We are implementing MEX to give us greater visibility of our preventative and reactive maintenance tasks, spend and spares as well as manage our compliance obligations.” 

Flyash Australia Pty Ltd are a joint venture company, equally owned by Boral Ltd and Cement Australia Pty Ltd. At the core, the business involves the collection, processing, storage and distribution of quality fly ash products. Fly ash is a fine grey powder consisting mostly of spherical glassy particles that are produced as a by-product in coal fired power stations. Fly ash has pozzolonic properties, meaning that it reacts with lime to form cementitious compounds. It is commonly known as a supplementary cementitious material.

"Our primary objectives include gathering historical data and upcoming preventive maintenance plans to reduce our downtime. Consolidating all this information into a centralized location should provide immediate access to vital information for various teams within the company, such as maintenance schedules. This ensures that the knowledge isn't solely dependent on one individual, mitigating risks associated with retirement or personnel changes.” 

Mort & Co is an extremely diverse company which has developed across several different industries, Feed lotting, Agriculture, Transport, Manufacturing and Stock feeds to name a few. 

"We require Maintenance Software that can be used across varied business units in a central location which allows Maintenance and Asset management to be completed both on and offline.” 



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